Where to buy the ion-selective electrodes?

Sensor Systems, LLC is a privately owned company dealing with development and manufacturing of chemical sensors and Electronic Tongue multisensor systems.You have a great chance to buy ion-selective electrodes from our team for reasonable price.

Our sensors and systems are intended for analysis of various liquids and suitable for a huge number of real-life applications. We perform continious R&D in the field of sensors and sensor systems and our best developments go to the market.

Sensor catalogue with detailed characteristics can be found here. These sensors are potentiometric (ion selective electrodes) and based on different types of high quality sensing materials.

Electronic Tongue sensor systems are dedicated for multicomponent quantitative and advanced qualitative analysis, such as recognition, identification and classification of various complex liquids. Pretty often such analysis is complicated and very expensive by any other analytical equipment, if possible at all. One of the most intriguing issues abot these Electronic Tongue systems that they really allows artificial assessment of taste and flavour of food and pharmaceutical products (in terms of human perception). Details on Electronic Tongue can be found here.

Sensor Systems is intensively co-operating with the Electronic Tongue research group of St. Petersburg University (Russia) You can read more about the Electronic Tongue on the website www.electronictongue.com (will open in new window).

Сенсорные Системы на русском: www.sensorsystems.spb.ru



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